Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) was founded in April 2010 to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in a pool of residential mortgages. Investing in pooled mortgages offers several unique advantages; Investors are able to participate, simply and easily, in the relatively high returns provided by mortgage lending while diluting any loan losses across the entire pool of mortgages.

Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corporation is a mortgage lending corporation, based in Toronto, Ontario. Our team consists of management professionals, experienced mortgage underwriters and diligent back office staff, all of whom deliver extensive knowledge and expertise to the fund.

Our management team is responsible for all aspects of the mortgage transaction. This includes sourcing mortgages, making lending decisions, negotiating interest rates, instructing lawyers and administering Brookstreet's mortgage portfolio.

Brookvest Capital Corporation is an Exempt Market Dealer licensed with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). This allows all Brookstreet shares to be issued through a licensed entity.

The Manager, Blackbird Management Corporation is licensed as a Mortgage Administrator, License # 12043