In today’s investment marketplace, investors are constantly challenged to achieve a satisfactory “risk-return” balance in their investment portfolios.

Long term volatility in the equity markets and persistently low interest rates has conspired to frustrate the growth objectives of many sensible investors.

For those looking for a relatively conservative investment that yields attractive returns, Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corporation is an opportunity well worth considering.

We offer investors an entry point into the mortgage lending business without the risk of investing all of your capital in one mortgage alone. Brookstreet allows investors to participate in a large, diversified pool of mortgages which reduces the risk substantially. By investing in a pool of mortgages versus a single mortgage, you are reducing your exposure to any issues that may occur.

An investment in Brookstreet is a simple and convenient entry point into high quality mortgage investing and its associated benefits. These are; the immediate access to cash flow, very attractive returns and overall stability. Dividends are paid quarterly or you can participate in the dividend re-investment plan (DRIP). Brookstreet is primarily a residential real estate, mortgage lender.

Brookstreet MIC Inc. is RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, and LIRA eligible.

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