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Providing homeowners common sense solutions for non traditional home financing situations since 2010.  Brookstreet focuses on short term solutions to provide time for the client rectify the situation and find a solution that fits their long-term needs.  Collaborating with your representative, we determine our best possible option available for your situation and then quickly upon agreement execute to allow the client to focus on their long-term needs.  We lend on residential properties located in specific major urban trading areas throughout Ontario. Brookstreet is proud to have provided innovative  financing solutions for nearly 3000 families over the past 1 2 years.  We look forward to continuing to provide short term solutions that allow Canadians to achieve their home ownership dream.


Brookstreet Mortgage Investment Corporation only accepts applications from approved licensed mortgage partners. Direct applications are not accepted, for help locating an approved partner please send your details to and we will provide a few options for your consideration.

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This mortgage suits clients that are self-employed, new to Canada, new to their job, have bruised credit, or have suffered a life event that has made traditional financing difficult. A little more proof required here than our equity deals but our best pricing applies.

  • Up to 80% LTV

  • 6 Month Open and 1 Year Terms

  • Up to 40 year amortization

  • No TDS with Flexible Income Proof

  • No Hidden Fees and Flat $250 Renewal Fee

Are you in need of some additional funds?  Doing Renovations? Need some capital for your kids university? Need to consolidate some bills? This mortgage fits clients who need to access some of the capital in their home without affecting their first mortgage.

  • Up to 85% LTV

  • 6 Month Open and 1 Year Terms

  • Up to 30 year amortization

  • No TDS with Flexible Income Proof

  • No Hidden Fees and No Renewal Fee


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Overcoming some of life's challenges?  This mortgage suits people who have had challenges getting approved and need a short term solution to their situation.  Common sense underwriting allows us to find solutions for most of life most difficult cases.

  • Up to 75% LTV

  • 6 Month Open and 1 Year Terms

  • Up to 35 year amortization

  • Serviceability No TDS 

  • No Hidden Fees and Flat $250 Renewal Fee

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We offer other solutions for your clients needs.  If they fit into one of these categories give us a call to discuss:

  • New Worth – simple and easy, just prove client has 25% of mortgage amount in liquid assets and solid credit and we can provide a solution.

  • Investment – need financing for a rental – we can help, it just starts with a call

Bridge Financing – call for current details


326 Adelaide Street West, Suite 302
Toronto, ON M5V 1R3


(416) 922-1200

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