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As a borrower it is important to understand who your lender is.   Brookstreet MIC is Mortgage Investment Corporations(MIC) that invests in mortgages.  A MIC raises funds from sophisticated investors, it pools these funds together and uses them to fund your mortgage.  The primary reason for pooling of the funds is to reduce the investment risk and allow the company to specialize in higher risk mitigated niche lending.  This lending, generally provides less restrictive qualifying criteria than traditional lenders.  Brookstreet uses this flexibilility to offer short term financing solutions at competitive interest rates.  The lending flexibility of a MIC allows for consideration of applicants with past credit challenges, self employed income, non traditional income sources and other unique financing requirements generally not considered by “bank lenders”. Our goal is to provide you with a short term solution that provides the time needed for you to address and remedy your situation.


You can learn more about Brookstreet MIC and our history in the About Us section by clicking here.  


If you would like to learn more about what a  MIC as an investment click here and read our What is a MIC in our investor section.

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Image by Benjamin Child
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