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Diana Soloway

Co-President and CIO

Ms. Soloway has been actively involved in all aspects of the mortgage industry for the past 30 years and began her career owning and operating her own mortgage brokerage firm licensed under FSCO. In 1995 she joined TD Bank in their Mortgage Sales Force division and eventually ran the National Broker Services credit adjudication department. With 40 employees, she was responsible for the credit adjudication and relationship management of mortgage brokers and the mortgage sales force across Canada. TD Mortgage Broker Services adjudicated over $4 billion in mortgage applications per year.

In 2001, Ms. Soloway joined Home Capital Group (Home Trust Company) where she started and managed a sales & marketing division for mortgages. She was responsible for all aspects of sales, relationship management and communication to the mortgage brokers on a national basis. After nine years at Home Trust, Ms. Soloway accepted a position as Chief Strategy Officer of where she collaborated with Mr. Nero to develop and execute a centralized alternative lending facility for the 500 mortgage agents at

Ms. Soloway has been Co-President and CIO of Brookstreet MIC Inc. since its inception in 2010. In that time Ms. Soloway and her partner Mr. Nero have launched and successfully managed 3 funds, with current AUM just over $170M. In 2013, Ms. Soloway founded Brookvest Capital Corporation, an Exempt Market Dealer that handles the capital raising and retention process for Brookstreet MIC investors.

Ms. Soloway co-founded the ONMICA, Ontario Mortgage Investment Companies Association. This association represented the Mortgage Investment Entities (MIE) of Ontario and was recently amalgamated with the national organization CAMLA, Canadian Alternative Mortgage Lenders Association.

Until recently, Ms. Soloway was a board member of the PCMA Private Capital Markets Association and is the Co-Chair of the National MIE Committee.

Ms. Soloway holds a Hons. B.A in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario.

Tony nero head shot.jpg
Tony Nero

Co-President and COO

Mr. Nero has been involved in the mortgage industry for the past 22 years. He began his career at HSBC Financial as a Branch Manager and then National Compliance officer. He was responsible for branch compliance, financial and operational efficiency for offices across Canada. In addition, Mr. Nero was responsible for building a mortgage broker referral network for the Central Broker Services Office at HSBC.

Following his time at HSBC Mr. Nero held roles at Royal Bank of Canada and CIBC in their alternative mortgage departments managing lending specialists supporting the mortgage agent networks.

In 2009, Mr. Nero took on the position of Director of Central Services at He collaborated with Ms. Soloway to develop and execute a centralized alternative lending operation that serviced the 500 agents at

Mr. Nero has been the co-president of Brookstreet MIC Inc. since its inception in 2010. Since the founding of Brookstreet, Mr. Nero and his partner Ms. Soloway have launched and successfully managed 3 funds, with current AUM just over $170M.

Recently, Mr. Nero successfully completed the proficiency requirements to be a candidate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC).

Mr. Nero holds a B.Sc. and a B.A. in Economics from McMaster University.

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